i3Pro Quote Online

Clients and brokers work directly with you - and for you - with i3Pro Quote Online


i3Pro Quote Online - take your insurance to the public quickly and easily. No developers required but still a fantastic end user experience. 



i3Pro Quote Direct can be deployed within your website design. In fact, each product can have an individual template or brand depending upon your marketing strategy.

Javelin Quote Direct seamlessly integrates with i3Pro and other applications to create a complete insurance management solution and is also available by itself as a standalone quoting application. Javelin Quote Direct can be used with your current infrastructure with captured data being passed via a variety of methods to your existing back office management system.

Benefits for your business

  • Create and release new products quickly using the simple Product Wizard
  • Create auto rated and non-auto rated products
  • Reduce double handling of data
  • Customise, edit and update products in moments

Benefits for your clients

  • Improved online service offerings
  • Real-time access to policy, claim, account information (when integrated with Javelin Client Online, and Javelin Broker Online).
  • All products to be individually branded for either marketing or creating products on behalf of your broker network.

i3Pro Quote Direct - your online insurance quoting solution! For more information, contact us.