i3Pro Loan

Flexible loan management software to maximise returns from your business

Javelin's i3Pro - making it easier for you to do business

  • Cost effective solution giving great IT return on investment

  • Rapid Product to Market configuration with little or no developer involvement

  • Highly Configurable Workflows to make i3Pro work the way you do business

  • Full document design and development using MS Word

  • Automation of key business processes allowing for business growth without cost increase

Javelin's i3Pro - the next generation of Loan Management


i3Pro is a feature rich and highly flexible application with robust processes to manage clients/customers throughout their lending lifecycle. It's easy to use web based configuration tools make it simple for you to configure new finance products without the need for technical developers, getting your finance products to market quicker than the competition.


From the initial enquiry to full client, documentation, history and security, i3Pro is a smart, simple, and cost effective solution that will meet your back office processing and reporting requirements. It's extendable list of services allow you to automate a number of time consuming products ensuring fast efficient service for your customers at little cost to you. 

*Now with revolving credit functionality - sign your customers up once, approve a limit and let them manage their funds within the limit, greatly reducing the need for expensive recurring loan approval errors and loan documents.

With i3Pro Loan Management you can:

  • Provide a completely customised, step-by-step approval process

  • Automatically generate an approval decisions document

  • Operate a complete collections management system including automatic creation of collection letters with automatic fee charges if required

  • Assign tasks and remind staff of action dates

  • Completely customise all loan and revolving credit products

  • Import bank statements for easy collection

  • Provide one click easy access to customers, loans, contracts and accounts

  • Manage customisation of loan details including acceptance criteria, administration charges, ID methods, approval levels and interest rates

  • Utilise a proven one-stop system for easy management of all your finance products

  • Access a management portal for essential business information in real time

  • Access via Web-enabled devices for cost-effective implementation across multiple branches

  • Provide dealers and brokers access the system via an Internet connection

  • Get instant access to key management and reporting tools

  • Reduce risk by applying customised approval rules on specific finance product


Plus much much more...  For more information, contact us.