Javelin Reports - helping you make better business decisions

Business intelligence when you need it

Javelin Reports is available as part of i3Pro and allows you to generate crucial business reports and analyse your business data in real time. Standard Reports are included within i3Pro and Adhoc Reporting can be included as an optional add-on. 

Javelin Adhoc Reporting uses Oracle Discoverer® from the Oracle Business Intelligence® suite. Via an end user layer, you can easily create valuable business reports through the report generation wizard.


Standard Reporting

Standard Reporting is included with i3Pro Insurance. With over 80 Standard Reports, it gives you an extensive array of business analysis options that can be generated, saved, and distributed quickly and easily by non-technical staff. All reports are generated in PDF, Word, Excel and HTML formats.


All standard reports are generated using MS*Word allowing full customisation without the need for costly developers. Having said that our consulting services team will be only too happy to assist you do do this or help you with any complicated reporting requirements you may need.


AdHoc Reporting

Adhoc Reporting is an optional inclusion that enables your organisation to gain even greater leverage from your business data. With Adhoc Reporting, you can create your own reports, selecting only the data you require or you can customise existing standard reports to gather the business intelligence you need. 

Adhoc Reporting enables non-technical staff customise and generate reports in minutes. 


Benefits for your business

  •  Create, save and distribute reports in minutes

  •  Generate reports without the need for specialised IT staff

  •  Customise reports to suit your specific business needs

  •  Reduce the time and costs associated to the generation of reports

  •  Improve decision making ability through access to real time business information


Your business intelligence when you need it.  For more information, contact us.